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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I’ve been playing this track a load lately, purely because it reminds of the escape from Lockdown, although England isn’t technically in lockdown at present, it feels like it with so many people testing positive and isolating.

So I’ve been going through my happy songs again and as this is one of them, I thought I’d share how this piece came about it.

Last summer when restrictions started to be lifted two of my real life disco dancing girls, Michelle and Sophie who are also my salsa and yoga instructors, let me know of an open air Salsa event happening at Rochester esplanade, in Kent. Having missed Michelle’s classes like crazy I jumped at the opportunity to go along. Not just to dance again but to spend quality time with Sophie and Michelle and their families.

It was a gorgeous event organised by Salsa wild, and whilst I was very out of practise with the dancing it was soooooooo good to be out in the open having fun with people again and making new dance friends. Anyway, once the class was over, we all had a socially distanced picnic, then more dancing of different styles was encouraged and the last song we all free styled to was Car Wash! So it was the perfect end to a perfect day that I wanted to pay tribute too.

Bette Love Fashion Illustration in watercolur paint and ink, inspired by the Disco classic Carwash by Rose Royce
Bette Love Fashion Illustration inspired the song Carwash

So when I returned home that evening, I got the background colours and patterns down that I see in my minds eye when I listen to Car Wash, I then did my daily promo on insta. Where I came across the most gorgeous 70’s maxi dress. It was a wow moment as this dress was the colours I had laid down, so I contacted the shop ‘Peekaboo Vintage’ and asked them if I could use it, being lovely people they agreed. The dress is part of their ‘For Hire’ section so if you ever hire it let me know and tag me,

and their sister company Disco Sally Vintage in. Side note both stores have the most gorgeous vintage pieces you will ever find!

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