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About Me


Hello, I'm Rachel the founder of Bette Love Illustrations.


My story began when I was a kid back in the 80s’ watching Top of the Pops loving the music and being fascinated at how the bands of the time like Culture Club, Visage, Madonna also influenced street fashion. You could tell who someone was into musically by how they dressed!  I followed many trends, from retro 70’s in the 90’s to being a Goth when I discovered Depeche Mode via Placebo. I’m now a mix of all the genre’s that have influenced me over the years, and have a wonderfully eclectic wardrobe and music collection. Which all influence my practice.


After studying Fashion Design, and working in the fashion industry for many years as a designer and stylist, I turned to Fashion Illustration during the lockdown of 2020, and like many aspect of main stream fashion I noticed that a huge portion of society were not represented and as a LGBTQ+ ally and having experimented with styles outside of mainstream fashion myself, I decided to dig beneath the narrow definitions of beauty shown in the mainstream media. Especially the wedding industry, where I like to empower the couples I illustrate and provide a platform for their stories to be celebrated and acknowledged, as beauty is found in all shapes and sizes.

My passion for illustration extends beyond the aesthetics, its about capturing an essence of a song and what I visualise when I lose myself in it. This is especially so in my wedding art. Where I have illustrated the couple’s special song or incorporated their theme into commissions I have created.

My collections have been exhibited with Tebbs Gallery in Mayfair, London, Under the Rainbow events in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent and Kent Fashion Week.

Thank you for visiting Bette Love today, and I hope you enjoy taking a look around. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch as I love hearing from you!

Rachel x

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