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Automatic Lover

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

This A3 Watercolour, ink and glitter on 300gsm watercolour paper, is inspired by the Dee D Jackson song of the same name. The background of this mixed media piece reflects the colours and shapes I see when I listen to the song. Whilst the fashion illustration is how interpret the song through fashion.

Bette Love watercolour fashion illustration inspired by Disco song Automatic Lover by Dee D Jackson
Bette Love Fashion Illustration of song Automatic Lover

I see swishes and swirls when I listen to Automatic Lover, which can be seen in both the background and the dress. I chose an arms out position for the dancer in this piece as she is about to twirl. The space age nature of the song has no doubt influenced the colours of this piece with blues and metallics featuring quite strongly.

This has been a favourite track of mine ever since it was released back in 1978, where it reached no 4 in the UK chart.

I remember a 4 year old watching D Dee Jackson on Top of the Pops, performing the song in a space age outfit and thinking how amazingly different she was. That image if Dee D Jackson has influenced the colours of this piece, as I always associate space with metallics and shades of blue and black, which I achieved using crystal watercolours.

This song really is part of the soundtrack to my life, as I remember again listening to it as an adult when I moved to Spain in the early 2000’s. It was a night of a massive thunderstorm (which I hate) so I lost myself in music and imagined myself singing and dancing to D Dee Jackson, I have so many memories attached to this song that it is only right to me that ‘Automatic Lover’ is the lead piece in my 54 Collection.

As this was the first song I created, I decided to keep the original A4 artwork as couldn’t bare to sell it. However as I love the original so much I wanted you to have the opportunity to own it too so I have re-created it larger size. Both pieces are slightly different, as due to how I create the backgrounds it is impossible to create an exact replica. I have also made various other improvements to the larger version, which I hope you will enjoy.

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