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Shadow Dancing

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Andy Gibb the singer behind the song Shadow Dancing
Andy Gibb

This song is by Andy Gibb… the pin up of the Gibb family (yes the Bee Gees are his brothers, but you all knew that 😊)

Saleha and me.

I don’t actually remember this song being in the charts and didn’t become aware of it until I did a mix tape swap with my school bestie Saleha. Saleha knew I had an eclectic taste in music as she did so she popped some interesting tunes on her mix tape for me and Shadow Dancing was one of them. I fell in love with the song straight away and have loved it ever since. Its one of my favourite to sing along to with my hair brush!

When I listen to this song it plays out like a story board in my head, totally unrelated to the lyrics, but more of images and feelings it conjures up in me. In my imagination its being covered a group of girl singers -my 54 girls (think that's my wish to do a cover version, if only I could sing) and it starts off with flashes of up close images of the girls, and then switches to Cherry by Brooklyn Bridge, the scene is all smoky in pink and purple tones, and Cherry is dressed in a contrasting green. See scene 1 image in full and buy from here!

Bette Love Fashion Illustration inspired by Andy Gibb Disco Classic Shadow Dancing, later covered by the Dee Gee's (Foo Fighters)
Cherry in Brooklyn

The first verse comes and the scene changes. The girls are now performing in a night club. It’s all very smoldering and glittery with tons of mirrors. As we come to the part just before the chorus ‘How can I hold you if you ain't even mine’ I visualize the girls all close together singing into one mic looking direct into camera, all very sensual with dark pink smoke swirling around them against a dark background.

The Chorus I see them doing a proper girl band dance, all very sassy and Destiny’s Child type movements. Whilst all the musical parts take me back to walking. Maybe its because I often listen to music as I walk, who knows why we see what we do when we listen to music but is sure is interesting.

Pop in the comment any imaginary pop videos or scenarios you’ve conjured up to songs, as I know I’m not alone in this 😊

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