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Shadow Dancing  1

Size:  A3 (11.5 x 6.5” or 29 x 42cm). Can be sold mounted or unmounted.


Framing advised upon purchase to preserve colours


I wasn’t aware of this song until a good 10 – 15 years after it charted when a friend popped it on a mix tape for me (see Journal) As explained in the journal page dedicated to this song, I see various different scenes as I listen to this song, starting with my imaginary singer Cherry wondering around in Brooklyn, which is where my story to this song begins. Colour wise all the scenes in my head have tones of pink in them. Keep an eye out as further scenes are created or subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when they are completed.  I guess this all sounds quite odd, so if you have the time, please see my journal page on ''80's Kid Playtime' where I speak out my X-factor type games I would play with my Sindy and Barbie dolls as this imaginative sequence was born back then in the innocence of a 1980s childhood.

Shadow Dancing 1

£220.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
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