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Miss Isobella Bliss

Size: 11.5 x 6.5" (29 x 42cm) A3


Medium: Watercolour Ink and Ink

300gsm smooth, acid free watercolour paper


Can be sold mounted or unmounted

Framing behind glass advised upon purchase to preserve colours


This piece was inspired by a class I attended with Drawing Cabaret Couture, and our model for the evening was Miss Isobella Bliss, a burlesque act and Marilyn Monroe impersonator.


I've been fascinated with Marilyn since I was a child after seeing a local celebrity named Kay Kent who was back in the 80's the UK's top Marilyn look a like.  After getting to know Kay's partner, I ventured into the movies of Marilyn and a whole new world of glamour opened up.

Miss Isobella Bliss

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