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Is It Love You're After

Size: 8x11” (20 ½ x 29 ½ cm) A4. Mounted.


Framing advised upon purchase to preserve colours.


Medium: Watercolour, glitter, and ink on 300gsm watercolour paper


This song has so many fabulous memories.  I’ve always imagined myself singing this in a white frock with fur gilet, so the outfit was already in place for this illustration. My minds eye see’s  blue when I listen to this song, its very grown up and sophisticated all blue and White. Musically its hard not to be influenced by the dominate electronic rift that starts the song, which is what I chose to reflect in the background to the illustration, with lighter soft smudges in slivery blue that reflect the smoothness of the horn and string section.

I visualize myself performing this dressed in sparkly white organza dress and uber glam fur gilet, which I’ve popped my imaginary friend Cherry in, by the way Cherry was the name of my first Cindy back in the good ole 70’s!

Is It Love You're After

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