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Miss Clea de Velous

Size: 11.5 x 6.5" (29 x 42cm) A3


Medium: Watercolour Ink and Ink

300gsm smooth, acid free watercolour paper


Can be sold mounted or unmounted

Framing behind glass advised upon purchase to preserve colours


This piece was inspired by a class I attended with Drawing Cabaret Couture, and our model for the evening was burlesque performer Clea de Velous.


Clea had the most magnificant array of feathers, and it was during this session that I started to think more about the Art of Burlesque and how its always been a beacon for diversity.


I was taught Burlesque by Queenie Valentine, who like myself is a curvy lady, but unlike me Queenie has always been proud of her curves and I'd love to empower everyone to feel good in their skin.

Miss Clea de Velous

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