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Its Pride Month!!!

As June is Pride month I thought it only right to talk about the piece I created to celebrate Pride last year.

Its inspired by the Disco classic Sylvester song You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

Disco Icon Sylvester

Love, Love LOVE this song! It reminds me of being a kid just starting school, nights in Golders Green, London with the Placebo gang (I’m not just a disco bunny) and now I have memories of paying homage to it!

I think out of all those memories, its the nights in London I love the most. I remember holding a party at my flat, after Placebo played Wembley. So it was pretty late into the night, and we just kept playing this tune over and over again. Needless to say the neighbours down stairs were not to happy, until we invited them to join in. My friend Cupid and I worked out a little dance routine that Pans People would of been proud of, that we taught to everyone and in true 70s Disco style we all did synchronized dancing. It was my own little homage to Studio 54 in North London!

As for creating the art piece I went a little off piste with this one, and instead of painting the disco balls and glitter I see in my head for the background, I wanted to celebrate pride and incorporate Pride colours into the piece, but not in the normal rainbow shape.

Disco Art work, inspired by Sylvester's classic disco song You Make me Feel (Mighty Real)
Inspired by Sylvester's 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

Musically I feel this song sashays along so I started with lots of swirling lines which I painted in pride colours that I cut up and used as collage through out the piece and then used ink to add in smaller swirls. For Cherry’s dress I used the glitter ball image as the inspiration for her sparkly short dress, which also has a big nod to Kylie, who along with Sylvester is another fabulous gay icon.

To purchase this piece, please click here!

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