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Beautiful People Exhibition

Its always a treat to pop to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, but this one was particularly wow, as it spoke about the relationship between music and fashion that started in the 1950’s to this day. Something I’m all about!

For me some of the highlights of the exhibition were The art works by Michael English and Nigel Waymouth.

Black plunge next dress at Fashion and Textile museum
Quorum black dress at Fashion and Textile Museum

Fashion wise I was in awe of the garments by Quorum, especially the mac and black dress – which I am sure will inspire an illustration soon!

Street Life section was also fab as it really showed the relationship between fashion and music with very David Bowie and Marc Bolan inspired garments.

I’m pretty sure I have seen images of Marc in an almost identical jacket. Guess he could of purchased one from Dandies as I know Marc did shop in Biba so why not.

1970's high street fashion influenced by David Bowie
Street Life at Fashion and Textile Museum, Bowie inspired fashion

Dandies 1970's Glam Rock Jacket at Fashion and Textile Museum

Also as an Art Deco admirer I couldn’t help but be fall in love with the Art Deco inspired

Biba sequin jacket at fashion and textile museum
Biba Art Dec inspired collection circa 1970s

selection, which made a come back in the early 70’s, most noticeably by Biba. This part of the exhibition reminded me of a previous one held here called Night and Day which featured all 1920’s and 30’s gowns and was just beautiful!

My final wow moment was the Art Nouveau gowns inspired by Alphonse Mucha paintings, he is another favorite artist of mine and his artwork features heavily on my office walls sitting proudly amongst Klimt and Erte.

I then spent a small fortune in the museum shop and couldn’t resist a lovely book on 1960’s prints. Who knows maybe I’ll venture into 1960’s songs next and do something really groovy!

Mucha inspired 70's fashions at Fashion and Textile Museum

This exhibition closed on 13th March but a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum is never a disappointment, check out future exhibitions here.

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