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Knock on Wood

Size: 8x11” (20 ½ x 29 ½ cm) A4. Mounted.

Framing advised upon purchase to preserve colours.


Medium: Watercolour, glitter, and ink on 300gsm watercolour paper


Like ‘I feel love’ the music in this song doesn’t form shapes in my mind rather a throbbing flash of various colours which is reflected in the background to represent the huge part percussion plays in this track. Its like an explosion of colour with each clap of the drums, throbbing right before my eyes.  If I were choreographing moves to this song they would be sharp dynamic moves. Again the dancer is in contemporary outfit as I don’t feel this track is particularly dated.  The sequin boob tube she is wearing is inspired by Ami Stewart the singer of this song, as I remember seeing Ami on Top of the Pops and her just being a gorgeous explosion of colour, glitter and sequin.

Knock on Wood

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